Antelope Isochrone Trinity

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Universal high definition master clock

The Trinity is one of the best sounding and most versatile master clocks worldwide. It offers features such as: Audio up to 384 kHz, Varispeed and nine completely independent generators with three displays. All these features are accessible via a user-friendly, menu-free user interface.

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  • The fourth generation of “Acoustically Focussed Clockings” with 64-Bit DSP brings an even more detailed and more focussed sound
  • A thermally controlled crystal oscillator or the atomic clock input ensures extremely low jitter
  • Factory calibrated to an accuracy of +/- 0.001 ppm
  • Plethora of ports on the back panel for extreme flexibility
  • Complete “Audio Gearboxing” allows all formats to be played as input or output
  • Atomic clock input for the ultimate performance
  • Three independent audio generators with sampling frequency of up to 384 kHz and Varispeed (+/- 200 cents)
  • Three independent HD generators offer 16 different HD formats
  • Three independent SD generators offer simultaneously PAL and NTSC
  • Complete European and US Pull-Ups and Pull-Downs for SD and HD video
  • USB input for firmware upgrades and external control via PC
  • Dual-redundant power supply (230V and 12V) with automatic switchover in case of power source failure
  • Design: 19″ / 2RU