Zaxcom BlueFin 2 Antenna


The BlueFin 2 is a log periodic shark fin antenna with 7 dB of forward gain in a directional pattern. It offers excellent rejection of interfering signals outside of the direction the antenna is pointed. The BlueFin 2 covers 470 – 620 MHz.

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The Blue Fin 2 is designed for both Receiving and Transmitting. It offers an exceptionally low, near ideal, SWR (standing wave ratio) to efficiently transmit with nearly 100% of the energy radiated. Paired with any wireless microphone or IFB system the range of coverage is almost doubled in the direction the antenna is pointed relative to dipole or whip antennas.

As a receiver antenna it improves receiver operation by eliminating overload from mobile phones, walkie talkies, and other sources of RF radiation.

Paired with a transmitter, the filtered antenna will keep wide-band low level noise below detection levels of receivers that have their antennas in close proximity to the transmitter antenna.


This antenna is not offered with an integrated amplifier and we don’t recommend you ever use one. With Zaxcom Digital Wireless an antenna amplifier actually degrades receiver performance because it’s never as good as the built-in front end filter inside the receiver. For the best range, we recommend a directional antenna, like the BlueFin 2, with a low-loss cable instead of an amplified antenna.


  • Antenna
    • Impedance50 ohms
    • Maximum Transmitter Power5 Watts
    • Forward Gain7 dB
    • Frequency Range470MHz to 620MHz
    • Usable Beam Width100 Degrees
  • Physical
    • ConnectorBNC Female
    • Size12″ x 11 6/16″ tall
    • Weight7.4 oz
    • Mounting5/8 Threaded Microphone Stand Mount