Smaart RT (Perpetual)

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Smaart RT is a stand-alone version of the Real Time Mode interface of Smaart Suite. RT includes all of the Real-Time mode features in Smaart Suite with no limitations or changes to the FFT-based measurement functionality. Any limitations in RT apply to IR measurement (there is no IR Mode), and SPL Measurement (there is no SPL Mode).


Real-Time Mode

For a majority of Smaart users, Real Time mode is what makes Smaart smart. The single channel Spectrum, and dual channel Transfer Function measurements are essential tools for professional sound engineers all around the world. Real-Time Mode is specifically designed for sound system engineers to be able to accomplish their alignment and optimization work quickly, efficiently, and effectively.


SPL Limitations

Smaart RT allows for calibration of any and all inputs for SPL, and calibrated spectrum measurement. RT offers a single, read only, SPL meter in the main interface for viewing common SPL values without all of the advanced SPL mode features like logging, reporting, alarms, etc.


Smaart RT vs Smaart LE

Both Smaart RT and Smaart LE offer the same multi-input, multi-output, multi-measurement capability. Where they differ is in the depth of settings and advanced user functions. RT is the exact same RT mode as Smaart Suite. LE is a stripped down version of RT.