The MicPlexer 2 is an RF filter and amplification system designed for use with your Zaxcom Digital Recording Wireless… or any other wireless system on the market running on the UHF spectrum from 512 to 702 MHz. It feeds up to four separate receivers, either single or dual. If you need to use it with more receivers, you can always split the output (additional cabling required, and we don’t do that sorta thing). Think of the the MicPlexer 2 as a toolbox for your radio mic signals – it splits antenna signals, shows the levels, filters out the bad and keeps the good, and adds gain.

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MicPlexer 2’s smart LED’s tell you when there’s too much RF signal overloading your wireless which may interfere with performance.


MicPlexer 2 provides an additional 6 dB of gain on every antenna output. This might help make up for signal loss from using long antenna cables.


MicPlexer 2 Improves your wireless performance by removing unwanted RF from your work space – things like walkie talkies, television stations, mobile phones, etc. Just choose from seven pre-set frequency blocks (20 – 26) or create your own 35 MHz window in one of the two user-assignable positions.


  • RF
    • Frequency Tuning Range512-702 MHz (35 MHz band, user selectable)
    • Tuned Pass Band35 MHz
    • Attenuation +/- 25 MHz12.5 dB
    • Attenuation +/- 50 MHz35 dB
    • Attenuation +/- 75 MHz51 dB
    • RF Gain6 dB
    • RF Channels2
    • Channel Cross-talkLess than 40 dB
    • Amplifier Noise Figure.35 dB
    • OIP3 Distortion+37 dB
  • Physical
    • Power Requirement8 – 18 VDC @ 100 ma
    • Size1.25″ x 3.25″ d 4.75″
    • Weight8 ounces